Prayer life and events

  Prayer helps us draw close to God. It's a means of listening to Him and being guided by Him, not just making requests and petitioning Him. We encourage our Church family to pray together and to learn to listen to God.

Prayer requests

We're delighted to pray for anyone who wishes it. Confidentiality is assured if that's what you prefer. Just let us know a few details about what the issue is so that we know how to pray into the situation. Please do let us know if we can support you prayerfully; you can use the "contact us" link.

Online resource - how to pray

Prayer can be both a challenge and a mystery. Yet fellowship and communication are at the heart of every Christian’s life. So how can we grow and get better at it and enjoy it, as was intended?  In the six weeks leading up to Easter 2014, the Church ran discussion groups, exploring aspects of personal prayer, based around themes from the Lord's Prayer. All six video sessions plus relevant notes are available at for anyone who wasn’t able to attend but now wishes to take a look. Designed to fuel the prayer life of churches, but useful for those who want to explore prayer alone, this course comes from the people behind the Alpha Course and 24-7 prayer.  We highly recommend it.


Matthew 21:22  "And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith"


Lent bible study

Our weekly home groups have read The Epic by John Eldredge, watch the accompanying DVD together and work though the study guide. Here's a summary from the book's back cover:  Life, for most of us, feels like a movie we've arrived to forty minutes late. Sure, good things happen, sometimes beautiful things. But tragic things happen too. What does it mean?We find ourselves in the middle of a story that is sometimes wonderful, sometimes awful, usually a confusing mixture of both, and we haven't a clue how we make sense of it all. No wonder we keep losing heart. We need to know the rest of the story. For when we were born, we were born into the midst of a great story begun before the dawn of time. A story of adventure, of risk and loss, heroism...and betrayal. A story where good is warring against evil, danger lurks around every corner, and glorious deeds wait to be done. Think of all those stories you've ever loved - there's a reason they stirred your heart. They've been trying to tell you about the true Epic ever since you were young. There is a larger story. And you have a crucial role to play.   

Pray for persecuted Christians around the world

Please pray for the work of Open Doors who seek to support persecuted Christians in North Korea. Since 2002, North Korea has been at the top of Open Doors 'Watch List' - the most difficult and dangerous place to be a Christian in the world. Around the world, Christians face violence, abuse and even death. They are prevented from gathering for worship and from sharing their faith with others. You can download Open Doors prayer resources, including 'Its time to wake up the extreme persecution' via the link, above.

Pray for our young people

Please pray regularly for our young people as they grow in faith. And please pray too for   Pray for Schools Scotland and Prayer Spaces in Schools.

Pray for people in poverty  

We pray regularly for people living in poverty and for the organisations locally that work to support them such as Bethany Christian Trust and Christians Against Poverty. Please pray for homeless people sleeping rough on the streets of Edinburgh, many of whom have addiction problems.

Pray that God will bless the work of the Church and equip us to serve our community

We pray regularly that God will bring new people to join our Church community and also raise up others from within it to work for His glory. Pray that we never lose sight of the fact that things are not achieved in our own strength, but in God's.

Praying together regularly in corporate prayer

Our Church has a number of prayer groups that meet throughout the week. Prayer is the engine room of a Church and we encourage all from our Church community to join together in corporate prayer. Initially, praying aloud in the company of others can feel daunting and it's perfectly O.K. to remain quiet if that's what you prefer, or to pray only brief prayers. It's more important that you're there since God promises to be amongst groups of people who pray together.

Matthew 18:20 "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them"

Weekly home groups

There are several daytime and evening prayer and bible study groups that meet in people's homes throughout the week. Recent studies have included Romans 8 and Women of the Old Testament. If you're interested in finding out more please get in touch via the Contact Us page.

Recommended reading

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