Holy Week

Reflections for Holy week

Starting Monday 6th April

[please check back each day]

Sunday Reflections

Although we are unable to meet for regular worship at the moment, we invite everyone to pray together, each in their own homes, at 11am each Sunday. [Please pray at another time if that suits better]

Reflections for Sunday 5th April 2020


Across the country Churches and Christians have been praying for the national situation ... more

All-age messages

I wonder what you do when you're excited? Maybe you've been waiting ... more

Try Praying – for those who don’t do church

As in previous years, there is an encouragement to pray this April. It is intended for ordinary folk who don’t see themselves as religious but want to try praying. East Coast Buses will carry a promotion, directing people to www.trypraying.co.uk - a website belonging to There is Hope. Booklets and other resources for children and adults may be ordered free, or you can download a 7-day app to get you started.

Lockdown Resources

Below are a number of links to particular articles, podcasts, videos etc which some have found interesting or helpful. These will be updated as and when there are new materials to post.

Audio interview with Dr RT Kendal about how God can use this crisis to wake us up and bring revival. RT is a popular and highly-regarded international speaker. For 25 years Pastor of Westminster Chapel, London, he has authored over 50 books, including Total Forgiveness.

Daily Devotions

Useful links to daily devotions, read on for details. .... more

Manse Garden

Would you like the use of the manse garden to exercise with your family?

Pastoral care and assistance

David can be contacted on the usual number (340963). The Rev John Hunter (341677) is also available to provide pastoral assistance if the need arises. Kathryn Reid (340654) is our pastoral care co-ordinator. Either David or another elder will have charge of the church mobile (07543 872151) during holiday times.

Church Information during Covid-19 pandemic


As people will be aware, we are in an evolving situation nationally. As a church we are trying to listen to advice and take what precautionary measures we can. In line with current Government and NHS guidance, the most important thing to protect yourself and other people is to maintain good standards of hygiene.
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